Just got around to finishing this interview. What a legend! I’ve been immersed in the permaculture world for a decade now but admittedly have seen very little of Andrew’s work thanks to being more a book learner than a YouTube learner but I did watch one of his pond building videos one time and it was such a complete bottle of info that I needed to go nowhere else. I’ll check out his India preview now. Sounds like India is calling strongly for you now Nate, get on that plane!

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Also check out Alpha Lo and the essays he’s publishing about water in the Climate Water Project:


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I was a bit disappointed by the way Andrew Millison downplayed David Holmgren's role in the development of the permaculture design system. He presents the story in a way which isn't entirely accurate. Holmgren was at least a co-equal partner in developing permaculture, not a mere "student" working marginally in the background.


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Hi - I don't know anything about that-but if you have contact for David I'd be happy to highlight his work on the program. thanks

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Mar 30, 2023·edited Mar 30, 2023Liked by Nate Hagens

I'm sure David will be happy to hear from you!

Holmgren Design - info@holmgren.com.au

In my view, David Holmgren is one of the most interesting and inspiring people in our world today, as you will discover if you search for interviews and conversations with him.

E.g., https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqwWdranB5A&t=52s

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Yeah I second having a chat with David. Have a look for the book “RetroSuburbia”. It’s basically how do the suburbs navigate a future where abundant cheap energy is no longer an option. It’s substituted “the downshifters guide to a resilient future”. It’s almost 600 pages of pure gold, it covers so much. Just take a browse of what they have for free online:


David’s a legend. I think I’ve also mentioned before the work of Brad Lancaster in the suburbs of Tucson. Another legend. These guys were misfits who didn’t ask permission to do their stuff, but asked forgiveness but changed minds with their results

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Yeah, Brad Lancaster is also brilliant and amazing and inspiring!

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