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Check out Homegrown National Park, homegrownnationalpark.org/about, and National Wildlife Fund's plant finder, nwf.org/NativePlantFinder/search. Both were founded by Professor Doug Tallamy (whom you might want to have on your show). The idea behind Homegrown National Park is for individuals to plant pollinator and bird supporting native plants, no matter how small a space they have to offer. A planter on an urban apartment balcony, a garden patch in the back of a condo with strict HOA rules, a garden in front of a suburban home, or some larger rural stretch, all count. We cannot protect enough land for wildlife, and we need corridors between protected areas. The NWF native plant finder tells the set of pollinators that each plant supports, and the plants that support each pollinator, local to your zip code. If you can't find a plant for your zip code there, check bonap.net/tdc, which has a more complete database, but doesn't tell you the pollinator relationships.

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