Interesting that Jeremy mentions Bakelite, which actually WAS a strategic material in the war - used for electrical connectors, insulators, circuit boards, control knobs and instrumentation panels. The raw material for these thermosetting Phenolic plastics came from coal distillation, not oil.

Polythene was probably the first of the oil-derived thermoplastics: it was a new, top-secret material used for insulating cables in radios and radar sets. Like Strontium-90, plastics didn't really exist until after the war. Now there are traces of both everywhere.

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Nate, another fantastic podcast! This next comment doesn’t relate to this recent podcast but to the overall issue of climate change. I just watched today’s Guardian podcast with Naomi Klein and Greta Thunberg’s conversation about her new book, “The Climate Book” followed by conversations with folks from countries who are taking local direct action about climate change in their areas. I really think you’d both love it and learn from it.

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Dec 1, 2023·edited Dec 1, 2023

I want to understand his argument about debt not mattering but I feel like it went over my head. Wish he would have attempted to clarify when you pressed him. I’m gonna relisten to that part and see if I can make better sense of it. Great job as always nate

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Thanks you again for another interesting podcast. Some topics I was aware of and got additional depth, some I had not heard of.

It amazes me that nuclear fission was not mentioned in that discussion. The one technology that we have, ready to go, that could be used to fully de-carbonize electricity with minimal ecological footprint..

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Jeremy’s Actions/Philanthropy are the True Self-Worth Calculations.

“You are what You Share” ....

Everything else is narcissistic self-delusion.

Keep up the fantastic work, focus and genuine humanity.


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