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Science of Resilience (54 question metric) became a $117,000,000 Federal training contract to prevent PTSD, etc for 1,100,000 young Federal employees. Biden's Americorps should have a similar training. The training is CBT. It teaches the 10-20 total distortions that create "all" upsets... 3 of which are Dr Haidt's "3 Great UnTruths." ...aka "If you know where life's potholes are... you can steer clear and your car will be more resilient." But CBT works too fast for "shrink job security"... so shrinks water it down... and the only high quality "industrial strength" CBT is probably only meted out in labs, VA.gov, by academics, NHS(free at EveryMindMatters), etc

Shrinks get away with their near universal quackery because anxiety "cures itself with placebo" up to 60% of the time; and depression "cures itself with placebo" up to 50% of the time; ...

...but who is studying the "mutation" of innocuous placebos when they mutate and become an insidious placebo? For example, followers of The Prince of Peace innocuous practice of peacefulness mutated and resulted in their insidiously voting for war and insidiously voting for a billionaire that caged poor children, etc

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