Looking forward to listening.

Nate - have you considered interviewing John Michael Greer? He’s right up your energy expertise alley. Also William Rees? David Ehrenfeld? Jem Bendell? Paul Kingsnorth? Charles Eisenstein? Sam from Collapse Chronicles?

I greatly appreciate your work. Please don’t go too positive too soon .. many need to take in your prior message of our many dire predicaments. I understand your reasoning but I fear you will be sidelined for speaking too much hopium by our wise ones who have been at this for many decades. We need you to stay real.

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When more is not enough is an idea I have thought about a lot. Not to be facetious, but anyone who owns a cat knows that they love contact but will tolerate only so much petting no matter how pleasurable. If only humans were more like cats and knew when enough was enough.

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