Nate, I gave up my last car over 20 years ago because I believed that climate change is a real threat. I will admit to flying on occasion since my life has been split between the US and the UK. That means I fly once every few years when I change continent. BTW, nowadays I live in a small town in central Indiana. Many people around me rarely leave the state, much less the country.

I have to admit that every time I hear you mention flying - and to Europe, this time, of all places - I have to wonder just how serious you are about this stuff. I mean, you must have a car as well. As someone who has walked the talk myself, however imperfectly, it's hard not to think that you want other people to change their lives before you will change yours. I'm not trying to be nasty, but rather I'd like to learn what your thoughts are on individual lifestyles. Perhaps you think only systemic change will work and what individuals do is irrelevant, and hence your flights and driving aren't important.

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