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Thanks Nate, I spent the morning binging on your conversations (specifically those with Jamie Wheal and Vicki Robin) in a bid to catch up on your feed. Great conversations as always and always look forward to the next one.

In case you haven't come across Richard Blundell, I thought I'd add him to your list of potential guests. My sense is that the two of you would hit it off.


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Thanks Nate! Been following your work since The Oil Drum days. If you're doing a focus group or whatever you want to call it looking at future paths I'd love to be on your group! Keep up the great work.

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Good stuff as always my friend! Keep on keepin' on. This is time for full court press.

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I felt this was a needed explanation as to where this effort was headed. I have listened to almost all of the interviews and was enthralled, probably most by the central focus on the need to make changes. By bringing in all the diverse views, I believe it consolidated all that you have been saying now for many years. This talk consolidated your intentions, and I am sure will guide all of us to a better understanding and hopefully a path, a direction to take as we move through the simplification, the one that seems to be in motion at this very moment. Unfortunately, the initial manifestations of this change don't spell well for the future. D Wright

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Thanks Nate

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"A realization that there are certain people that are starved for the authentic unpacking of the systemic gameboard that is the human predicament ... to better inform our individual choices and behaviors, and to hopefully create a conversation in broader awareness of what we face, so maybe some emergent responses could happen in the future."

*** starved, that describes me, before I found TGS, Nate. Your humanity, your knowledge, and your colleagial connections have saved my mental life.

"To call things a solution presumes that this is a problem to be solved. This is a predicament, which will have responses."

I think I'm the only person I know directly who can wrap my head around this.

"... build social capital, localize supply chains, scenario analysis for watersheds ... what if [growth] doesn't happen?"

Right now, my mission is to find fertile ground for TGS ideas; to develop friendships with people who can face and discuss these ideas. My rabbis are receptive. To this end, one rabbi and I are founding a program in our congregation to develop the social capital, the broader perspective, and the imagination to meet our future halfway. The first meeting is this coming Sunday, and I have 20 minutes to present Embracing Uncertainty, and how that helps us meet the moment. Before and after, the rabbi uses song, ritual and sharing to prepare hearts, minds, and souls.

My deepest thanks, Nate.

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