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Thank you Nate for your candid thoughts! As someone who is setting up a largely energy/water/food independent family home on an acre of land in Europe, I can relate to your firewood frustration, but I suspect the deeper truth lies in the realization that we are always somewhat reliant on the surrounding superorganism for survival. Don’t feel bad for relying on it sometimes :) keep up the good work, and greetings from Portugal!

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Be kind to yourself, Nate. Your manhood is not invested in your wood axe, and no humans die if your potatos fail. The service you are providing to the world through TGS and ISEOF is incomparable. And no matter what, you are enough. Peace and happy Silent Saturday.

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This an Inspirational if Daunting Broadcast.

You put so much of your Cerebral Cycles into looking for the Way(s) Forward.

The obstacles are gigantic and manifold, but not to try is a disservice to our elders and to future generations .

I genuinely think your explorations will truly uncover/discover things that will help build a New Future from what is increasingly looking like a rubble pile.

Thanks and Keep Going!


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Thanks Nate! Just read an article in the New Yorker by Elizabeth Kolbert (I’ve been following her for years) which “screams out Nate you should have me on one of your podcasts.”

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