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The Human Predicament in 22 Clips

Climate, Movements, and Power

Systemic Themes for 2024

Shale Oil and the Slurping Sound

Poverty Blindness

COP28 and the Smoke Under the Door | Frankly #50

Episode 100 - The Great Simplification

Pollution, Population & Purpose

Artificial Intelligence vs Real Ecology

The Complex History of Energy and Geopolitics

Fossil Free Food Systems

The Nuclear Wild West

The Biophysical Taxman Cometh

Small and Slow Solutions: Permaculture Design

Frankly Re: Franklys | Frankly #47

Global Heating: The Science and The Response

War, Rumours of War, and Governance

Oil Refining 101 and Other Energy Stories

Food & Community in the Ruins

The Middle East: Stormwatch | Frankly #46

BRICS+, Strategic Petroleum Reserve & Metaphysics

One Ring to Rule Them All | Frankly #45

Peak Cheap Oil and the Global Reserve Currency

Insects - A Silent Extinction

Energieblindheid! (Energy Blind - in Dutch)

Innovating the Business of Plastics

The Brain, Determinism, and Cultural Implications

Titanic Oceans | Reality Roundtable #4

The Many Shapes of the Carbon Pulse | Frankly #44

Energy Storage and Civilization: A History

Fossil Energy Subsidies: The Bottom Line | Frankly #43

Agriculture, Surplus, and the Economic Superorganism

Running the 'Systems Discourse' Gauntlet | Frankly #42

Wisdom, Nature and the Brain

Our Global Energy Predicament

Unlearning Economics | Reality Roundtable #3

Just Stop Oil !? Part 4 - The Intersection | Frankly #41

Our Fragile Energy Economy

Just Stop Oil !? Part 3 - 10 Pathways to Post-Growth | Frankly #40

The Uncomfortable Link between Climate and Equity

Just Stop Oil?! Part 2 - Oil is the Economy

Understanding the Origins of Climate Models

The 7 Things That Scare Me Most | Frankly #38

Energy Inequality in the Polycrisis

Just Stop Oil !? Part 1 - Gasoline | Frankly #37

Nourishing the Land and Ourselves

Deep(er) Ecology | Reality Roundtable #2

Cool Privilege | Frankly #36

Net Energy Analysis: Through a Systems Lens

10 Things That Bring Me Joy | Frankly #35

The Superorganism V. The Doughnut

The Limits to Podcasting About Limits | Frankly #34

Regenerative Agriculture and Personal Sovereignty

Looking Back Towards a Human Powered Future

Electric Vehicles | Reality Roundtable #1

NATO/Ukraine: Playing Russian Roulette with Complex Life | Frankly #33

What's the Deal with Nuclear Energy?

Lebanon - Beyond Resilience

The Perils of EROI | Frankly #32

Debt Colonialism, The Petrodollar, and Bitcoin

Reflections on 'Beyond Growth' | Frankly #31

Artificial Intelligence and The Superorganism

Missing Words | Frankly #30

What Makes a Healthy Society?

The Words of Our Lives | Earth Day 2023

Processed Food, Metabolism, and The Ills of Society

The Arcadian Blueprint

The Price of Time

Reality, Probability, and Perception | Frankly #29

Climate, Fiction, and The Future

The Real Global Macro | Frankly #28

Deep Challenges: Oceans, Scarcity and Culture

USA! (But wait, There’s More) | Frankly #27

Geomorphology, Permaculture, and The Good Work

Hydrogen - The Decarbonization Problem

A Bigger Boat | Frankly #26

Relationships, Reciprocity, and Resiliency

Loss Aversion | Frankly #25

Geology, Optimism, & Something Completely Different

Dancing With Contradictions - A Systems View

Social Psychology in an Age of Social Fragmentation

Peace and Power in the Mineral Age

Humanity’s Soul: Life or Growth?

NOT for Sale | Frankly #24

Chickens, Cooperation and a Pro-social World

The Mordor Economy | Frankly #23

Models, The Hawkmoth Effect, and The Future

Peak Oil - The Hedonic Adjustment

The Fundamental Issue - Overshoot

The Simple Story of Civilization | Frankly #22

Cultural Surplus and ‘Dépense'